• Tulin Dzhengiz (Cengiz)

    Tulin Dzhengiz (Cengiz)

    Life long learner

  • Shreyas Narain

    Shreyas Narain

    Being here now. I have transformed myself into a being who identifies himself both, as an ego and as a conscience. With this achievement, I wish to provide.

  • Nevermind10


    Thought is the beginning of everything. #cryptocurrency

  • Patty Apostolides

    Patty Apostolides

    Biologist, author, poet, musician, life long learner. Published four novels and poetry book. Pursuing PhD in Educational Leadership. www.pattyapostolides.com

  • Ritik Namdev

    Ritik Namdev

    I am trying to Become a better Writer. Now i am a Half curator and Half Writer.

  • Milaperetz


    Giving you access to untold stories, facts, and expert sources on all things about Middle East

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